“Our own destinies to make!”

The Shackles, notorious across the Inner Sea region for its lawlessness and rampant piracy, are also famous in some circles for opportunity and freedom. Many travel to these islands in search of a ship or crew. Many of those find both, and often times not in a manner of their choosing.

Like for so many would-be buccaneers, this story begins in the hold of a ship, after a long night of too many free drinks, clouded judgment, and a sap to the back of the head in an alley.

Over time, our heroes have weathered storms, dealt with treacherous crew mates, braved and overcome threats on the high seas and on a lost isle, and have finally seized their own ship, putting their futures in their own hands at last.

This campaign is over. We worked through the first book, and had begun to transition to the second when our group decided that we didn’t want to continue with the Adventure Path. One of the gripes I’ve seen about this one is that it only works if everyone at the table really wants to play a pirate – and not all of us did after we’d given it an honest try. And so this will sit here, fallow, until such time as we decide to resurrect it either to table play or as a storytelling only. If you’ve stumbled across this and are interested in expanding the story with me through online posts and discussion only (really, an exercise in asymmetrical group authoring), drop me a message.

Pirates of the Shackles

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