Pirates of the Shackles

Grindylow Grotto

not a nice place to visit

Sea caves 02

After descending the cove’s walls, the four pirates swam across the cove and into the series of caves – which actually turned out to offer only one true tunnel, heading into the depths of the island. Sometimes swimming, sometimes walking, slipping, ducking – they moved deeper into what quickly turned out to be a confusing jumble of twisting tunnels, offering multiple left and right turns, and initially little evidence of habitation. Soon enough, however, they discovered the first unpleasant proof: a zone of fish hooks, attached to chunks of cork, floating beneath the surface of the entry into a larger cavern, obviously meant to slow an intruder’s progress. Just as they untangled Jaigo, a group of eight grindylows attacked from all directions, coming stealthily out of the water.

The fight was vicious and quick, with both Red and Grims being knocked briefly unconscious. Mal’s quick thinking and even faster moves brought down more than half of the wretched beasts, the party used what healing magic it had, and they moved on, but not before discovering Sandara’s tricorn floating on the surface of the chambers’ waves…emanating an aura of magic they’d not before sensed.

Moving deeper into the complex of tunnels the pirates could occasionally hear what sounded like screams – or maybe tricks of the air, as it was drawn over rough and winding surfaces by the wave action. And the tide was slowly coming in, promising to fill the caverns – possibly even to the ceiling.

Grindylow 2

Moving into another larger chamber, the team found itself facing a large, tentacled beast, quickly rising out of the water to attack. The devilfish, with its long tentacles and toothy, gaping maw, spewed a black mist into the room, causing some to choke and sputter, while others shook off the effects. This fight was worse than the first, with some again being knocked out and bloodied by the powerful blows of the creature’s tentacles and nasty bites. Mal, again, proved to be the hero of the moment, felling the thing with several well-placed thrusts.

It seemed that Besmara herself had smiled on the team’s daring efforts, as a skeleton laying under the surface was found to have on it an ornate pair of Bracers of Armor (+1), and a small chest, still airtight, was found to contain five potions of healing. Just as the team finished off all the healing potions, and Jaigo put on the bracers, a scream was heard from a nearby chamber – down that slimy tunnel to the left! – was it Jack? The awful, pained sound was quickly joined by another – Sandara!

May fortune favor the foolish!

Remember our replacement for APs: Story Advantage. You guys are low on magic, a little banged up, and have nothing to fall back on for healing, right? But you do have Story Advantage, and you’re the heroes, so use it!

We will definitely finish this book during our next session. The clock’s ticking on how much longer the ship will stay, and obviously your friends are in immediate danger, and so you’ve got two issues that need to be resolved quickly. We’ll get through this encounter in the caverns right away next week – so be ready to jump right in – and then it’ll be up to you to determine how you’ll get back to the ship and what you’ll do once there.


House Rules
We never nailed down whether or not multiple PCs can use SA at the same time. Since we’ve allowed players to use APs in the same round before, I see no reason that SA cannot be used in the same manner.

Grindylow Grotto

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