Pirates of the Shackles

Into the sunset we sail!

Literally and figuratively, of course

Three months later…

The crew of the Sloppy Drunk had some interesting adventures in their first months together and under the command of Cap’n Grims. The ship was squibbed; more crew were recruited; Flynn had it out with the captain, tied him to a sack of rocks, and after he was stripped of all his stolen loot, Grims was then heaved overboard by Jaigo; and they’d captured two ships laden with cargo and booty.

Mal settled well into the role of Captain, and the aforementioned bocor did a fine job as First Mate, keeping the crew in line through the combination of a great work ethic and his creepy smile & laugh.

Word eventually got back to Captain Barnabas Harrigan, of the Wordwood, that his prize ship had never made it to Port Peril or been sold, and he started a search for what he saw as his property. Word also slowly made its way around the Shackles of a new pirate crew, intent on making it big, and willing to take on daring challenges and foes in order to do so.

And the crew sat around at night and mocked Grims’ awful singing, pedestrian rhyme schemes, and sophomoric sense of potty humor.

Aye…a pirate’s life for them all…



Into the sunset we sail!

And that’s a wrap.

Into the sunset we sail!

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