Pirates of the Shackles

Redrum's March to the Sea

or how we shanked those lousy...

ThRed was a madman with his sneaking ability. Down to the coastline he went…

Red headed out first to recon the approach and report back. Meanwhile everyone else is healing, resting, and bandaging for the coming assault. Hopefully, Red will come back with some useful information to preserve our element of surprise and maybe even the location of our shipmates.
What kind of pre-planning to we want to do prior to the assault? What will be the marching order, etc.

Lets get some ideas and plans going here so we’re ready for next time. Remember…our friends are depending on us!


Let’s go with this instead of sinking time into deciding who’s going where and doing what and who’s first and whatnot. Grims decided to concern himself with the hut and the dead guy, and Jaigo got involved in that, too. Mal had to take time to recover and get his wits about him.

The cove is about a mile downhill from the stockade, so Red could wander down there and would be easily visible through the spy glass, or even without any help, from the stockade wall. He could recon the place a bit and then come back. Since we’re not going to play this until next week at the earliest, and possibly not until the week after, we’ve got time. Go focus on the shape of your throne room instead of putting out a fire by committee in trying to decide who marches where and in what order.

Redrum's March to the Sea

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