Maps of The Man's Promise

Tmp upper
B1: Main Deck
B2: Forecastle (8’ above main deck)
B3: Poop Deck (8’ above main deck)
B4: Aft Deck (6’ above Poop Deck)
B5: Ship’s boats (cutter on the port; gig on the starboard)

Tpm main
B6: Officers’ Cabin – Scourge, Tam Tate, Badger Medlar, and Arreta Bansion are berthed here
B6a: Officers’ Storage compartments
B7: Captain’s Cabin – Plugg’s suite; Plugg keeps Owlbear chained up here
B7a: Captain’s Storage

Tpm mid
B8: Middle Deck and Armory
B9: Crew berths – Jaigo, Grims, Mal, and most of the rest of the crew are berthed here
B10: Galley
B11: Cook’s cabin – Kroop & Red are berthed here

Tpm lower
B12: Main cargo hold
B13: Secure storage (good lock on the door from the main cargo hold)

Maps of The Man's Promise

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